SUP'er Fit: A SUPing good time, a SUPing Fit time

Our latest training session was designed to be enjoyable but hard. Lots of whole body, compound movements. Movements that would stress the muscles that we use when SUP'ing. Lats, shoulders, quads, glutes and the trunk. The exercises were:

* Burpees

* V-Ups

* Jump Lunges

* Inch Worm Push-ups

* Plank

* Jumps Squats

This time around, instead of having a number of reps for the land based activities we would instead work for a set time. That time was 0:30 seconds. Once that was done we would have 0:10 seconds of rest before moving onto the next activity. We would do this 6 times.

Once that was done it was straight onto our boards and around a buoy approx 150m away. Recently we had been working on our step turns at our Thursday sessions so I thought today was a good opportunity to bust them out when we were a little fatigued. After the turn you completed the following:

* 6 Push-ups

* 10 Squats (holding your paddle)

* 6 Tea Bags (alternating sides)

I have included tea bags before and if you haven't done them previously you are in for a treat. Once those exercises are completed we paddled 50m, completed another step turn back to the previous marker, step turn and then head back to land.

We did this one more time. The total duration for the entire circuit was 30 minutes. So not a long session but a pretty intense one. We covered 1.87kms and my average heart rate was 147bpm.

If you are a bit lost as to the flow of the circuit just check out the photo of my chalkboard of pain. I really enjoy these types of sessions as it is really good cross training and as mentioned previously, works the muscles we use paddling but also muscles we use on a daily basis just moving around (maybe not the tea bags).

Paddle happy