Review of The Merrymaker Sisters Let's Eat Paleo eBook

My first review, woohoo. The plan is to do more of these so watch this space.

Let's get into it. Firstly we have become good friends with Emma and Carla who are The Merrymaker Sisters. They are two pocket rockets with permanent smiles on their faces even when they are being forced to jump into the murky waters of Lake Burley Griffin. They are passionate about living a healthy life and doing so by being active and choosing to eat a certain way, the way that they have chosen is the Paleo way. I am not going to go into the ins and outs of the Paleo Diet in here but if you are not aware of it then their book, Let's Eat Paleo, is a great way to expose yourself to it. They have more than enough easy to understand information in there to assist in making the change easy. The pictures and illustrations, like the girls, are bright and bold and show that the Paleo way of life isn't all coconut oil, red meat and delicious bacon.....mmmmm bacon. (Disappears and eats bacon)

The stuff you want to know

I have been eating Paleo for 2 years now so I have read and tried a lot of recipes in that time. Some good, some not so good, but you are going to get that no matter if you are Paleo, vegan or a soup dieter (bacon soup = do it). In their book, Emma and Carla have introduced a few recipes that I have not seen before. The one that I am most excited to try is the Cauli-rice Sushi. I used to love sushi and haven't had it since I started so this should be interesting, fun and probably messy.

The recipes we have tried since the eBook was released last Wednesday are the Crunchy Chia Bread Rolls, Iced Coffee Pick Me Up and the Cranberry and Lime Merrymaker Bites (minus the cranberries as couldn't find unsweetened anywhere. Used Goji's instead, still delicious). All were tasty, easy to understand, simple and quick to make. The instructions are broken down nicely and have a nice quirkiness with the breakdown of how many it serves, time taken to prepare and cooking/baking time. One of the other things that I like is the different flavour combination ideas on the Muffins recipe so that you can have a bit of variety down the line. Nice touch.

Final Caveman Thoughts

Lots and lots of tasty food, choices and great content. There are going to be Paleo deciples out there that won't like the fact that there sweets and treats in this book. To them I say this, relax. I sit completely on the fence with regards to the like and don't like of eating sweet "replacements" on Paleo. I am lucky to be able to take it or leave it. My vices are pitted dates and pecans so having cakes, slices etc around the house doesn't appeal but for some people they need that break from eating a strict or not so strict Paleo diet. I personally would prefer that people had the odd slice of Paleo cake as opposed to having a cheat day of beers, pies and pizza (I'm carb loading for the weekend guys, relax).

Anyway back on track, for their first venture into the world outside of their blog the girls have done a stellar job. Not only have they written an easy to follow, tasty guide to eating a healthy diet but they also took the photos of the food that appears in the book (apart from the photo of them paddle boarding, that was me. Still waiting on the royalties. Granola accepted) and taught me some different ways to get my point across without using profanity. I had no idea what "shut the front door" meant until today.

Well done ladies, I look forward to eBook number 2 and seeing you out on the lake on some matching pink paddle boards (wearing SUPing Caveman shirts of course).

If you are after a copy of Let's Eat Paleo by The Merrymaker Sisters, just click on the picture below.

Caveman Rating:

4 out of 5 smiling Cavemen