I Love Burpees 28 January 2014

I really do love burpees

I really do love burpees

Tuesday’s session was a good one. Well I liked it. For some reason just the mention of burpees means that people have to start work early, didn’t hear their alarm or woke up feeling a bit ill. Never mind, maybe next time I won’t mention “death by burpees” when describing the next session.

As with the recent circuits today’s involved a land based, body weight portion, immediately followed by a paddle. We warmed up with a slow deliberate paddle across the course that we would take for the paddle portion of the circuit. Good for direction orientation, to warm up and to make sure we wouldn’t be surprised by any new submerged items.

Today I gave those that attended the option, 5 reps or 10 reps. I was impressed when they picked the 10 rep option.

The land based portion broke down like this:
Knees to Elbows
Lateral Lunges (alternating 5 per side)
Inch Worm Push Ups
Jump Squats

The paddle was approximately 600m and consisted of two step turns (my chalk drawing is not to scale).

This was repeated three times and took me 22 minutes to complete. Nice short and sharp session. It allowed me to get home with plenty of time to be on time for my first day back at work for 2014. YAY

Paddle Happy