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Favourite Recipe: Up Close and Edible's Pan Roasted Curry Chicken

I posted this recipe up the other night on my Facebook account and it got me thinking, why not post a recipe from somewhere on the net every now and again that I really like? A much better idea instead of keeping it to myself.

So here is the first of many, many really delicious healthy recipes. There will be Paleo, some Primal and some Gluten Free. Mains, snacks and desserts as well.

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Roasted and Stuffed Paleo Bird

I really love stuffing in my chicken (from here on to be referenced as bird). It adds flavour and is great the next day cold. When I started paleo I cooked a bird without stuffing the first time and it was dry and lacked flavour. So I had a play around and came up with this. The Cavewife was the opposite to me and hated stuffing but also hated dry bird. She absolutely loves this stuffing and I have to fight her for it.

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