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My Awesome Experience With Primal Play

Last night I had an amazing opportunity to be involved in a Primal Play group meet up. What is Primal Play? Well the methodology that author of Paleo Fitness Darryl Edwards (@fitnessexplorer) uses is that it is about making activity fun, effective and engaging while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in the process. Darryl doesn't call the programs that appear in his book workouts but "playouts."

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Grand Opening 4 - 6 October Long Weekend

We have done it. We have locked in a date for our opening weekend, 4-6 October long weekend.

We will confirm all the timings, locations and pricing as it gets closer, just make sure that you lock this weekend into your diary. At this stage we will be running lessons, a SUP'x'PT (a group fitness session on the boards) and we will also demo a XSUP SAC game.

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Recipe: Scrumptious, Gooey Gluten Free Cacao Tart

Well, we had another fantastic dinner together with The Merrymaker Sisters, Emma and Carla, last night. This time around it was at their place and their turn to provide the main course. You can see the menu of our last dinner get together here.

Anyway this time around the girls produced two very delicious recipes from Irena Macri's website Eat Love Paleo. They were Irena's Show Off Paleo Lasagna and  Irena's take on Carbonara. Both of these were delicious and if I wasn't saving myself for the dessert I would have definitely had seconds.

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Review of The Merrymaker Sisters Let's Eat Paleo eBook

I have been eating Paleo for 2 years now so I have read and tried a lot of recipes in that time. Some good, some not so good, but you are going to get that no matter if you are Paleo, vegan or a soup dieter (bacon soup = do it). In their book, Emma and Carla have introduced a few recipes that I have not seen before. The one that I am most excited to try is the Cauli-rice Sushi. I used to love sushi and haven't had it since I started so this should be interesting, fun and probably messy.

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