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SUP Review: Polar V800 GPS HRM Watch

I am always looking for something that will improve my paddling experience, especially while training. As I see training for SUP being taken more seriously, there are more training programs, most noticeably the Riding Bumps weekly intervals that are posted on their site, requiring more than just going for a long slow paddle or just “redlining” for as long as can be maintained over a session. Athletes, in order to improve, train to a certain heart rate, speed or a specific period of time which requires a bit of work if you want to be accurate. Constantly looking at your watch is an option but it is distracting and you are going to be doing it a lot, which hinders not only your rhythm but the final outcome of the activity, which is to improve. Now we are a seeing dedicated GPS/HRM’s for use in water and even specific SUP applications like the recently reviewed Speedcoach GPS SUP.

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The SUP'ing Caveman Christmas Wishlist

Everyone is putting out their own Christmas Gift Guide around this time of year so why not me. This is going to be a very eclectic mix of gifts, mainly because I like so many different things.


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SUP Review: VMG Blades Mako Time Trial Fin

It feels heavier or lighter. It feels quicker or slower. They are the comments that you hear all the time not matter if you are talking about shoes, cricket bats, golf clubs or SUP boards, fins or paddles. Feel has a lot to do with our suggestions and our purchases. For those that know me they will no doubt agree that I am the furtherest away from being a technical type of person. Lift, drag, foils all confuse the bejesus out of me. For me I want to know, does it feel fast/slow, does it feel heavy/light.

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SUP Review: Paqua Mobile and Midi Cases

Anywho the first of these reviews is for the nifty little Paqua range of waterproof cases. Massive thanks again to Rob Cribb of Watershack ( for sending these down for me to review. Rob sent along the Mobile and the Midi packs for me to test. For the period of the testing and review I exclusively used the Midi pack.

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Grand Opening 4 - 6 October Long Weekend

We have done it. We have locked in a date for our opening weekend, 4-6 October long weekend.

We will confirm all the timings, locations and pricing as it gets closer, just make sure that you lock this weekend into your diary. At this stage we will be running lessons, a SUP'x'PT (a group fitness session on the boards) and we will also demo a XSUP SAC game.

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