Hello Old Friend: Kettlebell 300

Chalkboard of pain number 1

Chalkboard of pain number 1

I have not attempted this workout for nearly a year, and today it showed. I decided that it was time to really get back into my training and that includes doing this workout once a week.

It is......brutal. All kettlebell movements were completed with a 16kg KB. Here is the breakdown:

* 25 V Sit Ups

* 50 One Arm Snatches (25 each arm)

* 25 Push Ups

* 50 Two Handed Kettlebell Swings

* 50 Burpees.....yep 50

* 50 One Arm Clean and Press (25 each side)

* 50 Mountain Climbers

This is my time from this morning


My previous best is from a year ago and was 11:57. If I remember correctly I am pretty sure that I stepped deep into the pain cave that day. I felt it today but was only loitering in the pain cave's foyer.

If you have played around with kettlebell's before and want a challenge or something different, this will do it. If you haven't used kettlebells before then I suggest that this is not the first workout you choose. Maybe start with some med balls.

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