Deck Of Cards Circuit - Caveman Style


Check out the course and my stats for this activity here: Map My Fitness The SUP'ing Caveman

I was sitting in a meeting last week, that I should have be listening to when I came up with this circuit. It is generally when I am supposed to be doing something else that I get my best ideas. As a consequence I am not achieving a great deal of actual work at work. It is for the best I think. Many of you have probably participated or seen a deck of cards circuit before. You just grab any old pack of cards, assign an exercise to the individual suits and then you complete the number of reps as appears on the card. Jack, queen and the king being 11 - 13 and the joker being something horrible.

I put a little spin on it and made my own cards, SUP'ing Caveman styled ones. 50 cards, 20 with land based exercises, 20 paddle only activities and 10 joker cards that combined both. The 25 were split into a container each and the participants alternated between the two piles. 5 joker/wildcards per pile.

Some of the exercises for the land part were everyone's favourite burpees, push ups, jump squats, jump lunges and mountain climbers. The paddle legs were generally 500m long, so enough to really get your heart rate right up into the high intensity zone. The joker cards, as previously mentioned, combined the two activities with a 250m out lap, stop, do the prescribed activity like mountain climbers, leg raises, tea bags (yes I am that evil) or squats, then paddle back.

The cards were all placed Cavey head up so that there was no cheating and a 10 burpee penalty was nominated if someone was caught card swapping. It was hard but extremely enjoyable and everyone left with a smile on their face despite working very hard during the session.

My stats at the end were 3.29kms covered in 00:27:25 with an average HR of 162. The link to my log is at the top of the page.

When exercise is fun it doesn't matter how hard it is.

Paddle happy

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