Sprints and Board Body Weight

To see the GPS information for this workout click THIS LINK.

Tuesdays circuit was our first time that we have completed the complete session entirely on the water. Previously we have completed at least half of our work on dry land but in line with last weeks circuit, it is time to get outside of our comfort zones. Again, being limited by time, the duration of the circuit was 30 minutes. 

We utilised the buoy markers on our time trial course paddling from one to the next and then doing a set of bodyweight exercises at the next buoy.

Below is one round

250m paddle at 50% 

10 push ups

250m paddle at 100%

10 Squats

250m paddle at 50% 

45 second plank

Complete 3 rounds of this activity finishing with a 1 minute plank.

If you have a look at the GPS data (sorry I forgot my HR strap this time around) we covered 2.42 km over the duration of the 30 mins, so for a quick workout this will do the trick. Alternatively you could make each paddle a sprint or run it similar to our recent Tabata Workout.

Paddle happy.