SUP Review: Paqua Mobile and Midi Cases

It has been a really, really busy time of late. Finished a 5 week course, did more work on getting my school up and running, completed my ASI SUP Instructors course and now I am preparing to pick up the shiny new trailer for my boards. Very busy. In amongst all of that I have about 5 different reviews all going on at once....aaaarrrrgggghhhh. Luckily I love SUP so it is not that bad.

Anywho the first of these reviews is for the nifty little Paqua range of waterproof cases. Massive thanks again to Rob Cribb of Watershack ( for sending these down for me to review. Rob sent along the Mobile and the Midi packs for me to test. For the period of the testing and review I exclusively used the Midi pack.


These are a really comfortable to wear and for anyone who is not 18 and under who had an original sized iPod or worse a Discman or Walkman, you will have flashbacks to going for a run wearing some form of arm band/strap thing so that you could listen to music and run, minus the skipping and impact injuries you sustained from the wight of the item being carried hitting you repeatedly on the body. But I digress, the only time there was a bit of discomfort was when I got a little aggresive with tightening up the strap and I pinched a bit of bicep in the buckle, won't do that again.

Ease of use

Pretty damn easy really. If you have used a dry bag when out camping then you will be familiar with the process. Place object in the bag, fold the opening over a couple of times of the bag up and then secure the side release clip. Simple. The only way you could really make a mess of this is if you forgot to close it up properly and then fell into the water a heap. The great thing about this product is that it does float. I did have a little bit of slippage off my arm and at one stage the Paqua fell into the water. It just bobbed around and sat patiently while I turned back to get it. Sweet.


The Paqua range offers lots of options to cater from a wide range of items that will just fail to operate if they get into contact with water. As mentioned we had two of the offerings for review and as I have demonstrated here you can get a lot of stuff into the larger Mobi pack.


The issue I had was the slipping off the arm while I was doing a fair amount of paddling. This was mostly caused by me wearing a long sleeve quick dry shirt underneath the pack but still the requirement to keep adjusting and pulling the pack up is a little annoying after a while. The first solution I though of was applying some silicon like strips to the underside a lot like those on the VIRUS Airflex shorts I reviewed a few months ago.

Another thing I would like to see would be some colour. If I was a member of a special forces team or a SWAT member then the black would be sweet, but in a worst case scenario the pack comes free, drops in the water on a dark, cloudy day it may be a little hard to spot. Just a thought.

Also while the insert for the Mobile is a nice thought, there is no way that the latest generation iPhone, Samsung or my Sony Phablet is going to fit in it.

Outside of that there is nothing to really pick at.


The Paqua does the job it is born to do. Keep your valuables dry and close to you. The range is broad and in additon to the arm secured versions I tested (they can also be attached to your leg, has an attachment for a carabiner as well) there are others that can be slung across the chest or around the waist.


4 out of 5 Smiling Cavey's