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Favourite Recipe: Everyday Maven Beef Broth and Quick Beef Paleo Pho

The recipes that I am sharing here will allow you to get into making a really simple beef bone broth and then use some of it to make a really beautiful and fresh Pho. I really like the recipes that Alyssa posts on Everyday Maven as they are easy to follow and simple to execute. There are lots and lots of broth recipes out there (some in the above links) but this keeps it as basic as possible by being bones, water and apple cider vinegar. Pretty simple.

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Recipe: Scrumptious, Gooey Gluten Free Cacao Tart

Well, we had another fantastic dinner together with The Merrymaker Sisters, Emma and Carla, last night. This time around it was at their place and their turn to provide the main course. You can see the menu of our last dinner get together here.

Anyway this time around the girls produced two very delicious recipes from Irena Macri's website Eat Love Paleo. They were Irena's Show Off Paleo Lasagna and  Irena's take on Carbonara. Both of these were delicious and if I wasn't saving myself for the dessert I would have definitely had seconds.

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Favourite Recipe: Up Close and Edible's Pan Roasted Curry Chicken

I posted this recipe up the other night on my Facebook account and it got me thinking, why not post a recipe from somewhere on the net every now and again that I really like? A much better idea instead of keeping it to myself.

So here is the first of many, many really delicious healthy recipes. There will be Paleo, some Primal and some Gluten Free. Mains, snacks and desserts as well.

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Very Yummy Fish Curry

We had this delicious recipe for dinner on Good Friday. Probably should have posted it back then but forgot all about it. Better late than never I guess. You can have this on rice, cauliflower rice or all on it's own. Have never tried it with a naan bread or roti but would imagine that it would go well with it also.

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Caveman Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

No doubt that these are not something new. In fact I dare guess that I have ripped someone else off and for that I blame my sister. It is all her fault she stole it from the originator. No really she did. Anyway she did actually say that it was from a "friend" and that it was "AMAZING". She is also quite possibly the biggest exaggerator I know and the biggest over user of the word amazing. Anyway back to my story and the recipe. After y sister made these for me I thought that they were alright so i played around with the recipe a bit. This is what I have got for your taste buds. It is really easy and we quite often have it for breakfast at the last minute if we have some nice ripe bananas on hand. The Caveboy loves them and generally steals them off of the Cavewife's plate.

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