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SUP Review: Polar M400 GPS HRM

As I pointed out in the review of the Polar V800 I am always looking for something that will improve my paddling experience. This time around we have the baby brother/sister of the V800, the Polar M400. Again the fantastic girls and guys at Pursuit Performance Australia, thanks Sally, sent me a unit for the purposes of this review for a month. I then sent it back on completion, so don’t think I am getting a free watch just for doing a review. Because this watch is very similar to the V800 there will be a bit "like the V800" and "similar to the V800" around the place. This is not a cut and paste effort though, I promise.

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SUP Review: Polar V800 GPS HRM Watch

I am always looking for something that will improve my paddling experience, especially while training. As I see training for SUP being taken more seriously, there are more training programs, most noticeably the Riding Bumps weekly intervals that are posted on their site, requiring more than just going for a long slow paddle or just “redlining” for as long as can be maintained over a session. Athletes, in order to improve, train to a certain heart rate, speed or a specific period of time which requires a bit of work if you want to be accurate. Constantly looking at your watch is an option but it is distracting and you are going to be doing it a lot, which hinders not only your rhythm but the final outcome of the activity, which is to improve. Now we are a seeing dedicated GPS/HRM’s for use in water and even specific SUP applications like the recently reviewed Speedcoach GPS SUP.

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