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Recipe: Scrumptious, Gooey Gluten Free Cacao Tart

Well, we had another fantastic dinner together with The Merrymaker Sisters, Emma and Carla, last night. This time around it was at their place and their turn to provide the main course. You can see the menu of our last dinner get together here.

Anyway this time around the girls produced two very delicious recipes from Irena Macri's website Eat Love Paleo. They were Irena's Show Off Paleo Lasagna and  Irena's take on Carbonara. Both of these were delicious and if I wasn't saving myself for the dessert I would have definitely had seconds.

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Review: VIRUS | Action Sport Performance Apparel

I have been a big user of compression gear in the past. Cricket, Basketball, Netball, lifting, running or whatever training I was doing, I would wear some form of compression gear. Tops, bottoms or sleeves it didn't matter, I found that it helped my performance and it played a major role in my recovery. Now that I am paddling more than anything else (apart from strength training) nothing really has changed. Now there are a lot of companies providing compression garments and when a new one hits the market you often wonder what the deal is.

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Flying Objects Travel Cover SUP Race

The feature on this bag that impressed me no end is it completely opens up. It is hinged on one side which makes the bag a one person operation. What do I mean by that? Well you don't need to take a mate or find a new one at your paddling location to hold the bag while you slide your board out or that awkward movement of pushing your bag around your destination trying to slide your board back in.

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I Love Burpees 28 January 2014

Tuesday’s session was a good one. Well I liked it. For some reason just the mention of burpees means that people have to start work early, didn’t hear their alarm or woke up feeling a bit ill. Never mind, maybe next time I won’t mention “death by burpees” when describing the next session.

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