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Beau O'Brian Hump Day Workout 12 March 2014

Beau is back again this week with a real core burner and if you think burpees are bad check out this for a variation, love it.

Make sure you head over to Beau's Facebook page and check out all the other great content.

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Hello Old Friend: Kettlebell 300

I have not attempted this workout for nearly a year, and today it showed. I decided that it was time to really get back into my training and that includes doing this workout once a week.

It is......brutal. All kettlebell movements were completed with a 16kg KB. Here is the breakdown:

* 25 V Sit Ups

* 50 One Arm Snatches (25 each arm)

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Tuesday's 21-15-9 Circuit

In accordance with last week's session being a step up, I thought it best to maintain the rage and programme a high intensity session for Tuesday.

Nothing says high intensity like Burpees matched with a 21-15-9 ratio.  Here are the exercises:

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Beau O'Brian's Hump Day Workout Week 4

Beau has been at it again. Here is week four of his weekly Hump Day Workout. Lots and lots of balance work here and don't be fooled by how easy he is executing those pull-ups, they are real burners.

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Sprints and Board Body Weight

Tuesdays circuit was our first time that we have completed the complete session entirely on the water. Previously we have completed at least half of our work on dry land but in line with last weeks circuit, it is time to get outside of our comfort zones. Again, being limited by time, the duration of the circuit was 30 minutes. 

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