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SUP School Coming to Canberra September 2014

We are very excited to announce that we will be operating our very own Stand Up Paddle school to Canberra this September.

The SUP'ing Caveman Stand Up Paddle School will be offering lessons for all age groups. We will be running lessons out of the sheltered waters of Molongolo Reach on Sunday mornings. 

SUP Lessons are the obvious starting point and once you are hooked we will be also offering SUP group fitness classes from the shores and out on the water. Yes, you can definitely do all sorts of body weight and resistance exercises out on these boards. Be aware that there is a high likelihood that you will fall in the water.

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Review: Stic-It Composite Soft Pad Eyes

Like most people that will read this you now doubt became aware of the Stic-It line of products a little while ago when he shared his rigging installation on his board. Looked great and allowed those that didn't have any tie down points another, more structurally sound option instead of the suction cap options out there.

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The SUP'ing Caveman's PFD Review

So for this month we have reviewed three vest style PFD's. Why have we done a PFD? For Canberra based paddlers this winter it is a requirement to wear a vest while competing in our winter club time trials. Last year it was deemed that a belt style PFD was acceptable but for this year we are now required to wear the vest version so I thought that was a good segue to do this just in time for our winter season. Unfortunately because SUP is still really only in it's infancy in Australia, there are only a few states that legally require you as a to physically wear a PFD when SUPing as a leisure activity. I tried to find as much information as I could for this and this is what I turned up: 

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Tuesday's SUP Workout 18 March 2014

Well it is Tuesday so you know what that means. This morning was the first time that I have not been able to participate in a session. It was good (will have to get used to it as a qualified PT) and bad (as it looked like hard work but enjoyable, if that makes any sense). This was all about endurance both muscular and cardiovascular.

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Tuesday's 21-15-9 Circuit

In accordance with last week's session being a step up, I thought it best to maintain the rage and programme a high intensity session for Tuesday.

Nothing says high intensity like Burpees matched with a 21-15-9 ratio.  Here are the exercises:

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