Tuesday's 21-15-9 Circuit

Great start to the day with some high intensity SUP

Great start to the day with some high intensity SUP

In accordance with last week's session being a step up, I thought it best to maintain the rage and programme a high intensity session for Tuesday.

Nothing says high intensity like Burpees matched with a 21-15-9 ratio.  Here are the exercises:

* Burpees or push ups

* Speed Skaters

* Dead Bugs/Dead Ants

* Kettlebell Swings or Med Ball Swings

* 300m paddle at 100% 

Exercises were scaled for different skill levels and worked well. Apart from me no one else had attempted Kettlebell swings before so Med Ball Swings were the scaled option (toe touches could also be a scaling option if you wanted to go a total bodyweight circuit)

All up it took everyone less than 25 minutes to complete and if some of the participants listened to the instruction at the start **cough Angela cough** then they could have avoided the pain of doing a 21-21-21 circuit. It was good to see the aforementioned culprit do it that way as it showed up a few of the others.

We finished up the session with a bit of XSUP SAC relays and were done and dusted under 45 minutes. 

Paddle happy.