XSUP SAC and The SUP'ing Caveman

I had so many different titles typed in prior to settling on this one. Seemed less suggestive.

When I first saw the YouTube video of the XSUP SAC I knew I had to get one. Luckily Justin Van Dyck and the crew from X Stand Up Paddle in California were kind enough to send me a few to try out. How fun is it to use? Well check out the video and photos below. We got the XSUP SAC out during breaks in the racing at the recent Naish N1sco race event that happened here in Canberra recently (an awesome event, some good photos of me in action and I managed to take the overall honours for the Men's division).

The mixture of something to catch and throw around as well as the "bounce" of inflatable boards ensured that everybody had a great time. In the process of all of this fun, people were testing and finding the limits of their abilities on the boards. You will see people executing step turns, cross bow turns and even a couple of people doing a complete 180 degree jump on their board to try and get to the SAC first. 

Justin has just launched the first XSUP SAC league in San Diego and Capital SUP in Canberra are looking at launching their own league in the Spring of 2014 (once the water warms up anyway). Played by 2 teams of 4 on a 70 yard x 30 yard (64m x 27.5m but could be played 2 on 2 on any size) "field" using inflatables or soft top boards, with objective being to scores goals by catching the SAC over a try line. The SAC can be passed in any direction with the possession being handed over when intercepted. An "Australian-isation" of the rules will no doubt occur, stay tuned.

The initial stock of XSUP SAC's have arrived in Australia and can be purchased from The SUP'ing Caveman by emailing supingcaveman@yahoo.com.au or calling 0410 432 177 and are available for an introductory price of $35 for locals or $45 express postage to anywhere around Australia.

Make sure you head to the XSUP SAC Facebook page to read more about the goings on of the XSUP SAC and also photos from different parts of the world showing the SAC in use.