• When do I need to arrive?

    Paddlers should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time. This will allow us to confirm details, ensure you have all the right equipment and have applied enough sunscreen prior to your experience. 

  • Do you operate year round?

Our business is seasonal. The season starts in September and finishes in April. Outside of those times it is a little uncomfortable on the water.

  • When are you open?

Our SUP experience sessions are Sunday mornings at 8am and 10am. If those times don't suit your requirements of you have a special request please contact us on 0410 432 177 or email enquiry[at]supcbr.com so that we can organise a session for you.

  • What do I need to bring along, what clothing should I wear?

    There is a very, very good chance that you are going to fall into the water. Because of this you should bring along a change of clothes. Being an outdoor activity we highly encourage everyone to be Sunsmart. Wear swimmers, board shorts, bikini, gym gear or whatever your are comfortable wearing in the water. A hat, sunscreen and sunglasses are also highly recommended. If your sunglasses aren't of the floating variety we can help you out with a strap to keep them from sinking. It can get cold in Canberra so dress accordingly and don't be afraid to bring along your Ugg boots. We also recommend you bring a water bottle as the experience is thirsty work.  

  • Is there an age limit?

    Yes, the minimum age is 8 years and over. There is no maximum age limit. All we ask is that the paddler is confident in the water.

  • Do I need to be able to swim?

    Due to the nature of the activity it is highly recommended that the paddler is able to swim. If you are not comfortable or confident in the water please let us know prior so we can arrange personal flotation devices, a PFD, for use during your experience. 

  • What is the maximum amount of paddlers I can book for?

    We can take up to 8 paddlers at one time, however if you would like to bring along your work group sporting team or travel group we can organise a special session for you. Please contact us at least 7 days prior to your intended date so that we can cater for your numbers. 

  • What if it rains?

    The bonus of falling in the water is that it doesn't matter if it rains. We do however take your safety very seriously and take into account temperature, wind and atmospheric conditions like lightening. 

  • Do I have to make a booking?

    Yes, you will need to book your paddle to avoid disappointment.  Book via our webpage or please call 0410 432 177 and we will provide details for your experience.

  • Do I have to bring my own equipment for my SUP Lesson?

No, but if you already have your own equipment please bring it along and we can ensure it is safe and suitable for your requirements

  • Do you sell new boards and equipment?

No, but we can recommend our friends at Wetspot Watersports in Fyshwick for all you SUP requirements. Just let them know that the team from SUP Canberra sent you.